Thursday, July 18, 2013

Magic Tricks Revealed - The Stunning Magic Eraser

Here's a great trick that if done correctly, will quickly dazzle your audience. It requires a deck of cards, some at home practice, and a good dose of patter. When you combine all these ingredients, you are sure to have a trick that your audience will never forget. This trick is best done in a string of other similar card tricks or other illusions.

This is how the trick will seem to your audience. You pull out a pencil that doesn't have an eraser. You can use a pencil that really doesn't have a built in eraser, like a golf pencil, or you can get a regular pencil and remove the metal part at the end that holds the eraser, or you can simple break the eraser off. This tends to have a more comical effect, and increases the effectiveness of this trick.

You explain that this pencil has a magic eraser. And this magic eraser can erase anything. You may tell a story how you accidentally erased the numbers on your wife's credit cards or something. Then you pull out a normal deck of cards, and explain that you are going to erase all the faces from the cards. Nobody, of course, will believe you, so you must show them that the deck is a normal deck of cards, and fan them out to show them.

Then you wave your magic eraser over the deck a few times. Then when you fan the cards out, they will see that all the faces on the cards are indeed pure white, and nothing else can be seen. Then you close the cards back up, stick them in the box, and explain you don't know why you do this trick, as every time you do so it ruins a perfectly good deck of cards. Then you grab a new deck, or the props for your next trick and continue.

This illusion is really fairly basic. When you open up the cards, you have to be sure so that they only see the white edges. With all fifty two cards like this, the deck will appear to be fanned out quite a lot, and will give the impression that all the cards are indeed white. Of course, you can't linger too long with the deck fanned out, and shouldn't hold your hand very still. Simply wave the cards around for a second or two at most, and then continue as described above.

This is a trick where technique and patter must work well together. You'll need to practice enough times on your own so that you can easily do it without looking, so they really appear to have been erased. You'll need to do this without looking at them when you the trick, and don't pause in the middle of your story while you're doing so. That will give the audience a lot to concentrate on, and they won't have time to wonder how you did the trick. It's good to have a trick lined up to follow this one with right away. Have fun.
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The Magic Of Making Up - Saving A Relationship

Are you having trouble with your partner and ended up in a serious break up? Have you ever thought of wanting your ex back? All these sounds impossible to mend but let me tell you that these are all normal in a relationship, you know what I mean if you also have experience it. Love is a beautiful thing shared by a man and a woman in love. However, this can leave you emotionally disturbed once it falls apart. When it falls apart panic, insomnia, and feelings of confusion starts to swallow you. Sounds familiar eh?

What does the other person do if this happened to him or her? On what I see, is that most people would tend to become obsessed checking emails or their phones to see if he/she called back, text terrorisms or showering them thousands of text messages, and finding yourself rehearsing lines that you should have said when you broke up. All these happen when you are emotionally hurt by your partner. However these things can just push your partner further away from you and will just result to hopelessness.

Being miserable because you lost the love of your life isn't good. This can possibly lead to severe depression where you couldn't even eat and take good care of your body. This isn't the way to live your life. Although some of us, when this happens to us, we get advises like we need to be strong and just try to accept what had happened and move on. Some advice says that time can heal the wounds and all the pain. Well what if I tell you a secret on how to get your love back in an instant, even if it sounds really really impossible?
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This love guru is not what you would expect because he isn't a psychologist or a love doctor. He is in fact been in the military for such a long time wherein he had developed to get along with other people really fast. And through this, he is now an expert on reading the behaviors of other people. Since divorces are really common within the military, he did a lot of practice keeping relationships together. He also had experience being heartbroken and through that experience he had figured techniques that are really effective in keeping a relationship.

"The Magic of Making Up" has all the effective love recipes that you can do easily. By downloading the eBook you can be able to get your love back in your arms again instantly. This is effective even to old flames ready to re-ignite. Nothing is impossible with this eBook. You can now win back your love and find out how to keep him or her yours forever. If you are the one who had caused this break up then this eBook is still for you. It also teaches us how to use the clean slate method where your partner will instantly forgive you and erase all the flaws that you have committed in the past. I encourage you to buy this eBook now so that you can get your partner back in your arms as quickly as possible. If you truly love him or her you should better act now. Purchase "The Magic of Making Up" or after 60 days you and your partner are still not together then they would give your money back 100% guarantee. Sounds fair right? Act now and you will surely live happily ever after.

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